Thoughts on ULM versus Texas

I've been going to Texas Longhorns football games for quite a few years now, and I can't remember a season opener with such comfortable weather. The temperature was mild, and the little bit of rain we got felt nice and wasn't enough to actually wet anyone down. Prior to the game, the Wife and I watched the Longhorn players and coaches enter the stadium. Then it was up to the University of Texas Club for some pre-game food.

Review of Expected Longhorn Football Recruits

With just hours, I mean minutes, left until Signing Day, let's take a quick look at the list of those expected to join the 2009 Recruiting Class for the Longhorns.

Thank You, Longhorns, for a Great Season

Burnt Orange Sunset Heading into the 2008 season, most pundits penciled the Texas Longhorns down as a three or four loss team. I personally thought we would see at least two losses. Instead, the unrespected, underrated Longhorns went 12-1, with a solid win over Oklahoma and dominating wins over Arkansas and Texas A&M. By any reasonable measure, this is the second or third best season in the last twenty years. Let's look back at some of the highlights...

Texas versus Texas A&M Thoughts & Pictures

Order was restored to the universe Thursday evening, with Texas defeating Texas A&M by the largest margin of victory in the series since the 19th century, Mack Brown getting his 200th career win, and the Longhorns taking sole possession of the record for the second most winning program in NCAA football. Was it enough to hold off Oklahoma in the BCS chase? Maybe. Maybe not. It was a impressive victory, and Mack Brown was able to maintain his classiness by calling off the dogs early in the fourth quarter. From here, we just have to let the chips fall where they may.

DeLoss Dodds Locks Up Will Muschamp

Sorry Clemson. Sorry Tennessee. Sorry Washington. And sorry to any other teams looking for a new head coach. Will Muschamp is no longer on the market.

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The Austin American Statesmen is reporting that Longhorn athletic director DeLoss Dodds announced today that defensive coordinator Will Muschamp will remain at Texas, and will take over for Mack Brown someday. His salary looks to be raised to $900,000, which would make him one of the highest paid coordinators …

Texas vs. Texas Tech Predictions

Let’s start with the bad news:

Texas Tech has their usual circus high-wire act of an offense. Graham Harrell is running it almost flawlessly, Michael Crabtree will definitely be playing on Sundays, and Tech may well have the nation’s best offensive line. Their defense is legitimate, as opposed to the horrific defenses of years past. The game is at night in Tech’s snakepit of a stadium with 53,000 drunk, screaming fans wearing all black.

And Texas Tech has a lot …

Does Muschamp go to Clemson?

With Tommy Bowden out at Clemson, the talk of his replacement has begun. High on the list, of course, is Texas Longhorn defensive coordinator Will Muschamp.

This is not surprising. What Muschamp has done at Texas is nothing short of amazing. He has taken a bunch of young, raw defensive talent, and molded it into a force in just a few short months. The improvement can be seen on a week by week basis. As long as his guys …

A Tough Road for the Longhorns

A Hurricane Ike altered schedule results in a scary six-game stretch starting for the Texas Longhorns this weekend:

  • 9/27: Arkansas at home
  • 10/4: At Colorado
  • 10/11: Oklahoma in Dallas
  • 10/18: Missouri at home
  • 10/25: Oklahoma State at home
  • 11/1: At Texas Tech

Arkansas, Colorado and Okie Lite should all be wins, but Texas is young enough that they could easily loose one of the three. OU, Mizzou and Tech all look tough, and any of them could be blowouts. Frankly, …