Mike Leach to Washington?

The rumors are swirling that Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach spent the morning in Seattle. Perhaps he's there to enjoy the sunny December weather, but a more likely explanation is that he's meeting with the University of Washington to discuss their job opening. I explored the possibility of Leach leaving Texas Tech about a week ago, and my feelings are the same: if Washington offers, Leach is gone. [...]

Does Mike Leach Leave Texas Tech?

Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach is a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, with a strong dose of lysergic acid diethylamide. So, predicting his future behavior is generally a lesson in humility. But after last night’s loss to Oklahoma, it’s time to ask, Does Mike Leach stay or does he go?

This year’s team is as good as it’s going to get at Texas Tech for Leach. Graham Harrell is gone after this season and probable first rounder Michael Crabtree …