Texas Tech versus Oklahoma Poll Results

With about an hour left until kickoff, I thought I’d close down the poll and post the results:

Question One: Who are you rooting for this Saturday night (10/22/08) between the Texas Tech Red Raiders and the Oklahoma Sooners?

  • Red Raiders! Guns up! – 28%
  • Boomer Sooner! – 33%
  • Can they both lose? – 22%
  • Can I hope for a small meteor to hit the stadium shortly after kickoff? – 0%
  • Don’t really care. 17%
  • Isn’t Project Runway on? –

Top Twelve Mike Leach Quotes

Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach isn’t what most people would call a nice guy. But he certainly quite a character, and is one of the better interviews in sports. Here are a dozen of my favorite quotes from Leach.

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12. “Sometimes a Pirate beats a Soldier.”
– After a victory over Texas A&M

11. “At no level do I see where the Red Raider football team is responsible at all for any tortillas being …

Texas Tech versus Oklahoma: Who Am I Pulling For?

Throughout history, there have been questions with no good answer:

  • Should we ally with Communist Soviet Union or Nazi Germany?
  • How do we fix this economy?
  • George W. Bush or Al Gore?
  • George W. Bush or John Kerry?
  • Why does a car drive on a parkway, and park on a driveway?
  • Does my butt look fat in this?

And this Saturday night, I give you, “Texas Tech or Oklahoma?”

Yesterday I discussed what a win by each side means for

Texas Tech vs Oklahoma Predictions

With the Longhorns idle this weekend in preparation for Texas A&M on Thanksgiving, all the eyes of Texas are upon the Texas Tech Red Raiders versus Oklahoma Sooners game Saturday night in Norman. While Texas has attractive paths with either team winning, the road ahead will certainly become clearer when the game is over.

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Note: All projections depend upon Texas beating A&M. A third straight loss to the Aggies is too horrible to even imagine.…

Texas vs. Texas Tech Thoughts

Ten hours after Crabtree caught the pass, broke the tackle, and ran across the goal line with one second left, I’m still trying to decide if Texas played that poorly, or if Tech was just that good.

Part of me thinks Texas just didn’t have enough left in the tank after a brutal run of games. Colt seemed a bit off (until the end), the receivers had a horrible case of the dropsies, and the injuries to Quan and Orakpo …

Texas vs. Texas Tech Predictions

Let’s start with the bad news:

Texas Tech has their usual circus high-wire act of an offense. Graham Harrell is running it almost flawlessly, Michael Crabtree will definitely be playing on Sundays, and Tech may well have the nation’s best offensive line. Their defense is legitimate, as opposed to the horrific defenses of years past. The game is at night in Tech’s snakepit of a stadium with 53,000 drunk, screaming fans wearing all black.

And Texas Tech has a lot …

Longhorns Getting It Done

Midway through the Longhorns’ tough six game stretch, Texas has beaten Arkansas, Colorado, and top ranked Oklahoma, to go 6-0 for the season.

The convincing 45-35 win over the Sooners vaulted Texas to its first mid-season #1 ranking since 1984. Given the target that #1’s have had on their back the last couple of seasons, it may not be a comfortable place to be. Fortunately, Texas has a 12-1 record the week after being ranked #1, if you believe …