Dallas Cowboys’ First Preseason Game

I stayed up way past my bed time last night to watch the entire Dallas Cowboys preseason game against the Oakland Raiders. Here are are some of my thoughts. The audio for the telecast was awful. Sounded like it was coming across an old am radio. The starting Dallas offense looked quite good. Romo spread the ball around well, and the timing was on for everyone, especially for a first game.

Texas versus Texas A&M Thoughts & Pictures

Order was restored to the universe Thursday evening, with Texas defeating Texas A&M by the largest margin of victory in the series since the 19th century, Mack Brown getting his 200th career win, and the Longhorns taking sole possession of the record for the second most winning program in NCAA football. Was it enough to hold off Oklahoma in the BCS chase? Maybe. Maybe not. It was a impressive victory, and Mack Brown was able to maintain his classiness by calling off the dogs early in the fourth quarter. From here, we just have to let the chips fall where they may.

Is Texas A&M really as bad as they seem?

Maybe Sherman is having them tank this season so they’ll get a top pick in next year’s draft … – austintex, HornFans.com

The short answer is “no”.

For a longer answer, let’s review the season so far. They opened the season with a loss at home to Arkansas State. That’s about as bad a start to a season as one can have.

Next, they go on the road and squeeze out a win against New Mexico. Aggie faithful celebrate this …