American Idol Top Four Results

With only four contestants left in the eighth season of American Idol, sixty-four million votes were cast last night. This breaks the record for the most votes cast in a non-finale. The Ford Music Video used a "cut outs" theme. I should think the last thing the American Idol producers would want is people to be told (reminded?) that their contestants are two-dimensional.

American Idol Top Four Suggestions

With four singers left, American Idol turns towards rock and roll and guitarist Slash as the mentor-of-the-week. The rumor is that the list of songs will be restricted to classic rock. I'm going to stick with that for my suggestions, as otherwise the category is overwhelmingly large. Everyone will perform two numbers to fill the alloted time, but some believe that the second performance will be a duet with one of the other contestants. This would result in six performances rather than eight, but it also would be nearly impossible to make suggestions for, as I don't know what the match ups might be. As a result, I'll make two suggestions for each performer.

American Idol Top Five Results

The results are in from the Rat Pack Week at American Idol, and it certainly had its share of drama, especially as to the makeup of the Bottom Three. Forty-seven million votes were cast last night for their favorite American Idol contestant. The Ford Music Video and group song were goofy as always. Also goofy was the video of the food fight. Fortunately, they got through all that fairly quickly, and went to the results.