American Idols on Twitter

Many of the American Idol contestants, both current and former, are popping up on Twitter. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee that these are all real. In fact, I can guarantee that some are fakes, as some have multiple accounts claiming to be that person. For now, I'm listing the multiples until I can determine the authoritative account.

American Idol Top Eight Results

My biggest worry I had heading into tonight's results show is that the one suggestion we made that turned out to be accurate (Anoop) might be the person going home. That would be twice that had happened. To start the show, Ryan Seacrest announced that For Rida and Kellie Picker will perform. Who came up with that combo? They continued the "Songs From the Year You Were Born" theme, with a song from the year Simon Cowell was born, "Venus" by Frankie Avalon. It started with a video, and then Frankie himself walked out on the stage. Nice surprise. Frankie looks and sounds just the same.

American Idol Top Eight Suggestions

The theme for the Top Eight is "Songs From The Year You Were Born". It could also be called "Songs from My High School Years", as most of the contestants were born in that time band. Although they did this theme last year, I have to wonder why they were unable to find a mentor two weeks in a row. No, Ryan Seacrest giving a tour of his radio station (and showing them how to push buttons) does not count as mentorship, even in the world of American Idol.

American Idol Top Nine Results

With thirty-six million votes, it's clear that a lot of people care about the outcome of American Idol. That, or a few people care an awful lot. I realized something while listening to Paula drone on in answer to some question from Ryan. I keep expecting the Academy Award orchestra to start playing to drown her out. Unfortunately, that never happens.

American Idol Top Nine Performances

The theme for the week was indeed Top Downloads from iTunes, but they clearly used a different list than what I linked to this weekend, as there were several songs performed that weren't there. I suspect they included some of the top downloads over a longer period of time in their actual list. The wider selection of songs meant it wasn't the non-stop train wreck I feared it would be. There were a couple of those, however.

American Idol Top Ten Results

Tonight was an Obama-presser delayed Thursday night results show. They started with the usual crappy group sing that I skipped. Next was the Ford Music Video, which hardly showed the Idols at all. It showed the vehicles a lot though, which suggests that maybe Ford is figuring out what advertising is supposed to accomplish.

American Idol Top Ten Performances (Motown)

It was Motown Week for American Idol, with mentors Smokey Robinson and Barry Gordy. It didn't seem that Gordy did much except show them around Motown Records, however. One big change this week is that the backup singers were down on the stage next to the performer. The backup singers have been a weak point all season long, and this seemed to help a lot. On to the performances.

American Idol Top Ten, Motown Week Suggestions

Our Top Ten American Idol wannabees travel from Memphis to Detroit next week, with songs from Motown. The wife and I thought we'd change things up a bit, and make suggestions of what we think each contestant should choose. Its unclear whether they are going to allow any song from the soul genre, or just limit it to actual releases from Motown Records.

American Idol, Top Eleven Results

There was a great deal at stake tonight, as everyone who is safe tonight is going on the summer tour, and thus knows that he or she at least gets some money from all the abuse they receive from Simon Cowell (and for having to try and figure out what the hell Paula Abdul is talking about every week). And to open the show, Ryan Seacrest tells us that there were thirty-one million votes, and that the results may shock us.