Thoughts on Sarah Palin

Was McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin a brilliant political move, or a little thought through mistake? Palin’s impressive political skills, notable personal flaws, and inept campaign handlers make this a difficult analysis. With just over two weeks passed since the election, what have we learned?

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Many pundits referred to the Palin pick as a hail mary pass by the McCain campaign. I am something of an aficiando on the football analogy, and this is incorrect. …

Stick a Fork in Him – McCain is Done

With about a month left until election day, Obama is pulling ahead, and things are pretty much over for the McCain campaign. Unless something horrific is revealed about him in the next few weeks (unlikely, but not impossible given the smokiness of some of his early biography), the fundamentals will take over, and Obama will cruise to victory.

In order to compete, McCain had to come up with something truly original. He tried that with the nomination of Sarah Palin …

Focus on the top of the ticket, Barack!

All Obama needs to do is focus on McCain and his message, and he’ll have a cakewalk into the Whitehouse. Instead, he’s needlessly spending time talking about Sarah Palin, and having his words turned back on him. (Note: By no means am I suggesting that Obama was suggesting that Palin is a pig, but he’s walking in a minefield every time he talks about her.)

It’s too early to say that what we’re seeing in the polling numbers is more …