A Disappointing End to the Longhorn Basketball Season (Yet Again)

Another incredibly talented Texas Longhorn basketball team is going home early, this time, after the Round of 32 game (I can’t call it Round Three yet) against Zona. The Longhorns slept their way through the first half, woke up in the second, but lost their minds with a few seconds left and the lead.

Yes, you can argue that there were a number of bad calls at the end, but a team as talented as Texas shouldn’t have even let …

Texas Longhorns on the Bubble

The University of Texas basketball team is in an unusual place this February. They are on the cusp of not making the NCAA playoffs. Although they most recently blew Oklahoma State off the court, they had lost the previous three before that. The loses came to Kansas State, Missouri and Nebraska. Not exactly powerhouses. Rick Barnes' teams have made it into March Madness in each of his ten seasons at Texas. They haven't been this solidly on the bubble in some time.