Thoughts on BCS Match Ups

I'll certainly have more thoughts (and predictions) on the games later, but here's what comes to mind right off. Rose Bowl Ohio State vs. Oregon January 1st, Pasadena, California No surprise here. If the Rose Bowl has the option of taking the Pac 10 and Big 10 conference winners, they almost always will do so.

BCS Bowl Games Predictions

My Christmas wish of a playoff in Division 1A football did not come true this year, and the new year approaches, so it's time to start thinking about the BCS games starting next week. [...]

Texas to the Fiesta Bowl versus Ohio State

The writing has been on the wall for weeks now, and today it came true: the Texas Longhorns were passed over for the National Championship Game, even though they beat one of the teams going to Miami. Texas’ only loss came on the last second against a top ten team, while Oklahoma lost to Texas on a neutral field by 45-35, and Florida lost to unranked Ole Miss at home by 31-30 (four loss Ole Miss was 25th in the …