American Idol Top Ten Results

Tonight was an Obama-presser delayed Thursday night results show. They started with the usual crappy group sing that I skipped. Next was the Ford Music Video, which hardly showed the Idols at all. It showed the vehicles a lot though, which suggests that maybe Ford is figuring out what advertising is supposed to accomplish.

American Idol Top Ten Performances (Motown)

It was Motown Week for American Idol, with mentors Smokey Robinson and Barry Gordy. It didn't seem that Gordy did much except show them around Motown Records, however. One big change this week is that the backup singers were down on the stage next to the performer. The backup singers have been a weak point all season long, and this seemed to help a lot. On to the performances.

American Idol Top Ten, Motown Week Suggestions

Our Top Ten American Idol wannabees travel from Memphis to Detroit next week, with songs from Motown. The wife and I thought we'd change things up a bit, and make suggestions of what we think each contestant should choose. Its unclear whether they are going to allow any song from the soul genre, or just limit it to actual releases from Motown Records.

American Idol, Top Eleven Results

There was a great deal at stake tonight, as everyone who is safe tonight is going on the summer tour, and thus knows that he or she at least gets some money from all the abuse they receive from Simon Cowell (and for having to try and figure out what the hell Paula Abdul is talking about every week). And to open the show, Ryan Seacrest tells us that there were thirty-one million votes, and that the results may shock us.

American Idol, Top 13 Performances

Overall, a night of solid performances, with only one or two that were rather poor. The theme of the night was the "Music of Michael Jackson". I was going to ask how much MJ paid for this promotion, but I doubt he could afford the price. The contestants entered from alternating staircases, which led to a nauseating back and forth with the camera. Try something else, Fox. And I have to ask, did Paula strangle a bird with the strap of her dress?