American Idols on Twitter

Many of the American Idol contestants, both current and former, are popping up on Twitter. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee that these are all real. In fact, I can guarantee that some are fakes, as some have multiple accounts claiming to be that person. For now, I'm listing the multiples until I can determine the authoritative account.

American Idol Top Five Results

The results are in from the Rat Pack Week at American Idol, and it certainly had its share of drama, especially as to the makeup of the Bottom Three. Forty-seven million votes were cast last night for their favorite American Idol contestant. The Ford Music Video and group song were goofy as always. Also goofy was the video of the food fight. Fortunately, they got through all that fairly quickly, and went to the results.

American Idol Top Five Performances

It was American Standards night at American Idol. The theme was supposed to be connected to the Rat Pack, but in the show at least, the ties were tenuous at best. The mentor for the week was built up as a big surprise, and it turned out to be Jamie Fox. Really? Yes, he was in "Ray" and "Showgirls", but that's a bit sketchy. It turns out he was classically trained in music, so maybe, just maybe, he'll know a thing or two.

American Idol Top Five Suggestions

American Idol Season 8 has finally reached the Top Five. With Lil Rounds and Anoop Desai gone, it's a solid group, with three that I rather like (Allison Iraheta, Adam Lambert, and Kris Allen), one that I don't (Matt Giraud) and one that can really sing but bores me (Danny Gokey). The theme this week is standards made famous by the Rat Pack (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop). It's not clear exactly what this means. At one time or another, Sinatra recorded just about every song ever written. Does the theme include the honorary female Rat Pack members like Shirley MacLaine, Lauren Bacall, Angie Dickinson and Judy Garland? And why did the American Idol press release neglect to mention Lawford and Bishop?

American Idol Top Seven (Redux) Results

Time for results from Disco Week, with two people heading home, and no judge's save. predicted Lil Rounds as the top vote recipient, with Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta going home. That's a result that would displease many. As an advertising exec, I have to say I like the AT&T advertisement that they slipped in there during the behind-the-scenes of the choreography with Paula Abdul. As for the group number, while the dancing was better than usual (thanks to Paula), it was clearly lip sync'ed. And even so, it sounded worse than any of the performances last night.

American Idol Top Seven (Redux) Disco Suggestions

American Idol goes disco this week. The judges are constantly harping on sounding current, yet disco ended almost three decades ago. Before any of the contestants were born, in fact. This is a difficult theme for everyone not named Adam. It's not easy to perform disco without seeming campy and/or over the top. Fortunately for Adam, campy and over the top generally works for him. With two people heading home (and no more judge's save), it's not a good week to have a bad performance.

American Idol Top Seven Results

It's results time for the Top Seven and "Idol at the Movies". Ryan leads right into the Ford Music Video. It was so bad I've managed to block it out of my memory, but the Wife says it hurt her ears. Speaking of bad, the group sing was "Maniac" from "Flashdance". It was tragically bad. Like "car wreck on the highway, but your driving by from the other direction, and you can't avert your eyes" bad. I couldn't even fast forward it. The Wife says should could have easily fast forwarded it. Too bad I don't let her have the remote.

American Idol Top Seven Performances

American Idol went to the movies tonight, with mentoring from Quentin Tarantino. This had the potential to be either really good or really bad. With last week's time overrun snafu, they only allowed two judges to comment after each performance. If they had allowed all four to comment, but limited them to salient points only, it would have been much more effective in controlling the clock.

American Idol Top Seven Suggestions

The theme for the Top Seven is "Idols at the Movies", with choices of songs from, you guess it, the movies. Quentin Tarantino is the week's mentor. He was a guest judge during Season Three, and by all reports is a complete American Idol geek, so his suggestions might not completely suck.