American Idols on Twitter

Many of the American Idol contestants, both current and former, are popping up on Twitter. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee that these are all real. In fact, I can guarantee that some are fakes, as some have multiple accounts claiming to be that person. For now, I'm listing the multiples until I can determine the authoritative account.

American Idol Top Nine Results

With thirty-six million votes, it's clear that a lot of people care about the outcome of American Idol. That, or a few people care an awful lot. I realized something while listening to Paula drone on in answer to some question from Ryan. I keep expecting the Academy Award orchestra to start playing to drown her out. Unfortunately, that never happens.

American Idol – Top 36, Group 3 Performances

Heading into this week, my expectations were rather low. None of the performers tonight had particularly impressed me during Hollywood Week. While it was a bit of a roller coaster with some horrendous performances, there were a number that were quite good, and predicting who makes it through is going to be tough. At the beginning of the show, they talked about having a week where Simon Cowell picks the songs for everyone. I really hope they do this. He always critiques people on their song choice, and I'm curious to see if he could do better. I expect that he would do well.