The Big 12 is an Undead Conference

The Big 12 Conference is dead; it just doesn’t know it yet.

There is no question that the Big 10 Conference intends to grow. The only question is how many they add, and who they take.

On the first question, they want to add at least one team, which will give them twelve (they actually have eleven teams right now). This allows them to have a conference championship, increase their revenue, and still be part of the conversation on the …

Insight Bowl Predictions

I've got Time Warner, so I won't be watching this one, unfortunately. I suppose I could go watch it at a bar, but given how mediocre the teams are, I don't see that happening. It does have the potential to be an entertaining, leave-the-defense-at-home type game. Not unlike last night's Holiday Bowl. The wife is working (being ER means you miss holidays regularly), so maybe I'll go watch it somewhere.

Longhorns Getting It Done

Midway through the Longhorns’ tough six game stretch, Texas has beaten Arkansas, Colorado, and top ranked Oklahoma, to go 6-0 for the season.

The convincing 45-35 win over the Sooners vaulted Texas to its first mid-season #1 ranking since 1984. Given the target that #1’s have had on their back the last couple of seasons, it may not be a comfortable place to be. Fortunately, Texas has a 12-1 record the week after being ranked #1, if you believe …