Thoughts on Sarah Palin

Was McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin a brilliant political move, or a little thought through mistake? Palin’s impressive political skills, notable personal flaws, and inept campaign handlers make this a difficult analysis. With just over two weeks passed since the election, what have we learned?

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Many pundits referred to the Palin pick as a hail mary pass by the McCain campaign. I am something of an aficiando on the football analogy, and this is incorrect. …

Post Election Thoughts

First and foremost, thank goodness it’s over. Two years is way too long for a political campaign. Unfortunately, I fear the trend will be towards even longer campaigns.

I would have expected the campaigns to be dirtier. Yes, there was plenty of ugliness amongst the extremists on both sides, but the campaigns themselves toyed with the dark side, yet stayed fairly clean.

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Having a multi-cultural presidency is a very good thing. The racial scars in …

8 Conspiracy-Free Ways Obama Could Lose The Election

I have previously stated that McCain is done, and that Obama is going to win this thing. On the other hand, nothing is really done until it’s done. So, what are the scenarios under which he could lose?

While I’m the first to admit that conspiracy theories are fun, they rarely reflect reality. As a result, I’m going to just look at those ways that are at least somewhat possible.

1. The young and/or first time voters don’t turn

A Look Behind the Scenes of the Presidential Race

CBS News’ Dean Reynolds just published a fascinating look behind the scenes of the presidential race, from the point of view of a reporter who has covered both campaigns.

Suffice it to say that McCain’s camp is much better organized and the candidate himself has a much better touch with the media. Obama’s camp is somewhat disorganized, very high energy, and somewhat elitist in nature.

I still don’t like McCain.…

Stick a Fork in Him – McCain is Done

With about a month left until election day, Obama is pulling ahead, and things are pretty much over for the McCain campaign. Unless something horrific is revealed about him in the next few weeks (unlikely, but not impossible given the smokiness of some of his early biography), the fundamentals will take over, and Obama will cruise to victory.

In order to compete, McCain had to come up with something truly original. He tried that with the nomination of Sarah Palin …

McCain benefits from low expectations

John McCain couldn’t win the election tonight, but he certainly could have lost it.

Between McCain’s bizarre two day pause in his campaign and an undeniable deficit in charisma (compared to Obama), most weren’t expecting much from the Republican presidential candidate tonight. With those lowered expectations, McCain outperformed.

Granted, the topic was as favorable to McCain as any he’s going to face. While I disagree with many of his positions, he has solid expertise in foreign policy. Economics, however, clearly …