Dallas Cowboys in Real Trouble

Let me start this post by saying that given the status of my fantasy team, I have no real right to make projections on NFL teams. But I am going to do so anyways.

With the loss of Tony Romo for a month and Felix Jones for a week or two, the Cowboys have a problem. When you take an offense that was good, but not great, and remove two of its star performers, you’ve got a recipe for mediocrity.…

UT versus Arkansas 2008

The Piggies came to town today. I still have post traumatic stress disorder from their last visit. No problems today, however, as Texas wins by the score of 52-10 for the third time this year (fourth win total). A great first step on their six week tough road.

Pregame was the usual great show.

I managed to get a couple of decent shots of the game, even though I only had my wife’s little digicam (the only long lenses …