American Idols on Twitter

Many of the American Idol contestants, both current and former, are popping up on Twitter. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee that these are all real. In fact, I can guarantee that some are fakes, as some have multiple accounts claiming to be that person. For now, I'm listing the multiples until I can determine the authoritative account.

American Idol Top Seven (Redux) Results

Time for results from Disco Week, with two people heading home, and no judge's save. predicted Lil Rounds as the top vote recipient, with Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta going home. That's a result that would displease many. As an advertising exec, I have to say I like the AT&T advertisement that they slipped in there during the behind-the-scenes of the choreography with Paula Abdul. As for the group number, while the dancing was better than usual (thanks to Paula), it was clearly lip sync'ed. And even so, it sounded worse than any of the performances last night.

American Idol Top Seven (Redux) Disco Suggestions

American Idol goes disco this week. The judges are constantly harping on sounding current, yet disco ended almost three decades ago. Before any of the contestants were born, in fact. This is a difficult theme for everyone not named Adam. It's not easy to perform disco without seeming campy and/or over the top. Fortunately for Adam, campy and over the top generally works for him. With two people heading home (and no more judge's save), it's not a good week to have a bad performance.