Speaking at Innotech Oklahoma City

For those in the Oklahoma City area this Thursday, I’ll be speaking at Innotech’s eMarketing Summit. My topic is titled “Video Optimization and Local Search: They’re here, they’re hot, and they work”.

While I’ll be speaking in depth about how to optimize for video and local search, I’ll also be speaking more broadly about vertical and blendedl search, and how one’s interactive marketing efforts should be adjusted for them.

Hope to see you there!…

Speaking at Interactive Strategies on Wednesday

Those in the Houston, Texas area on Wednesday will be able to find me at HiMA Interactive Strategies Conference ’08. I’ll be speaking on “Vertical Search – And How It’s Going to Rock Your World” at 11:10am in the Search Marketing track. Learn how to get your digital assets to the top of the search engines.

I look forward to seeing you there!…