A Disappointing End to the Longhorn Basketball Season (Yet Again)

Another incredibly talented Texas Longhorn basketball team is going home early, this time, after the Round of 32 game (I can’t call it Round Three yet) against Zona. The Longhorns slept their way through the first half, woke up in the second, but lost their minds with a few seconds left and the lead.

Yes, you can argue that there were a number of bad calls at the end, but a team as talented as Texas shouldn’t have even let …

Use it, Longhorns!

By now, everyone knows the Texas Longhorns got hosed by the selection committee.

A four seed? Really?

After beating UNC, Michigan State, Kansas at Lawrence, Baylor twice and A&M three times?

Granted, we also lost late in the season to Nebraska, Colorado and Kansas State.

But the complete lack of respect is stunning. I could understand a three seed, although I thought we had done enough for a two seed.

So, now we draw a fairly salty Oakland team

The Big 12 is an Undead Conference

The Big 12 Conference is dead; it just doesn’t know it yet.

There is no question that the Big 10 Conference intends to grow. The only question is how many they add, and who they take.

On the first question, they want to add at least one team, which will give them twelve (they actually have eleven teams right now). This allows them to have a conference championship, increase their revenue, and still be part of the conversation on the …

A Great Time to be a Longhorn Fan

Going into the BCS championship game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Texas Longhorns, if you had told me that with four minutes left in the game, we would be down by three points and have the ball, I would have said I liked our chances. If you had told me that we would get there with our true freshman quarterback, I would have told you that you were nuts. After a very ugly first half, most of America thought the Longhorns would be blown off the field in the second half. I'll admit that I was worried it was going to get ugly. Instead, the Longhorns dug deep and were playing for the win late in the game. And while the final score differential as seventeen (thanks for showing your ass, Coach Saban), Texas proved their strength of heart and depth of talent on that field.

Minnesota Gophers versus Texas Longhorns Post

Texas overcame a ten point first half deficit to run away from Minnesota and win 76-62. While a fairly solid performance top to bottom by Texas, the star of the night was without question A.J. Abrams, who scored 26 points, including eight from behind the arc. Big Dexter Pittman continued his surge with 17 points and 11 rebounds. Damion James recorded 18 points and nine rebounds.

Texas Should be Headed to the Big Dance

With the loss by Baylor in the Big 12 Championship game Saturday, Texas should be on the correct side of the bubble for the NCAA playoffs. The Longhorns should be the fifth or sixth team taken from the conference. Given some luck, we'll get a #6 seed, although I suspect a #7 is more likely. The pessimist in me worries that we're looking at a #8 or #9.