Jerry Gray tells the Titans “Nope!”

The Longhorn blogs and forms were ablaze this week with word that newly hired defensive backs coach Jerry Gray was offered the defensive coordinator job at the Tennessee Titans. It would have meant a major promotion and a significant raise (more than twice what he’s making at Texas).

All indication are now that Coach Gray is staying. (I first heard that he was staying on the members board at Inside Texas.)

That’s a lot of money to turn down. …

The University of Texas TV Network

The following was sent out this afternoon to people connected to the University of Texas:

Dear Friends,

I’m delighted to announce the creation of a 24-hour television network dedicated to covering intercollegiate athletics, music, cultural arts, and academics at The University of Texas at Austin.

At UT Austin, we want to define what it means to be the public research university of the 21st century. One of the challenges we face is creating new forms of revenue to support our

Jerry Gray Returns to Texas

One of the best defensive players to ever suit up for Texas is returning to the Forty Acres. Texas announced this afternoon that former Seattle Seahawks defensive backs coach Jerry Gray is has been named assistant head coach and defensive backs coach.

Gray played defensive back for the Longhorns from 1981 to 1984. He was a two-time All-American and a two-time Southwest Conference Defensive Player of the Year. A first round draft pick of the LA Rams, Gray played in …

Texas Fills the First of its Coaching Vacancies

Texas announced Sunday that it had hired Kansas University’s Darrell Wyatt as wide receivers coach. A native of Killeen, Texas, Wyatt has been recruiting Texas high schools for most of his career.

In a statement released by the University, Wyatt said:

I’ve been recruiting Texas for a long time and have developed a great rapport with the high school coaches. I’m really looking forward to continuing to build on that. My wife’s family lives in San Antonio, my sister

Welcome to Austin, Coach Austin!

The word coming down today, with considerable confidence, is that Teryl Austin will be named the new defensive coordinator at Texas. The writing was on the wall when the job description went online yesterday, and it matched his experience perfectly.

I’m not sure what to think about this hire. He’s a bit of an unknown, as opposed to Muschamp, who was already on everyone’s radar when he moved to the Forty Acres.

Austin was promoted from defensive back position coach …

Coordinator Search at Texas

Please be aware that this situation is highly fluid. What I’m writing below is speculation based upon rumor. Even if it’s accurate right now, it could change in an hour.

So, apparently Randy Shannon is in the driver seat for defensive coordinator. They’re supposed to be in negotiations today. If it’s going to happen, it’ll probably happen today, but it might not be announced right away.

I’d be happy with this choice. Shannon wasn’t a very good head coach, but …

Greg Davis Officially Gone

The Austin American Statesman is reporting that Longhorn offensive coordinator Greg Davis is retiring. It was confirmed by a UT spokesperson. That’s about as real as it gets.

OL coach Mac McWharter and DL coach Mike Tolleson are retiring. Both were expected.

There’s a rumor that Jim Jeffcoat (former Cowboy, and father of Longhorn Jackson) has expressed interest in the DL job. There are some who believe we’ll bring in a new LB coach so that Muschamp can focus …

Greg Davis Out as Offensive Coordinator

While there’s no official word, everybody under the sun is reporting that Greg Davis is being moved to an administrative position within Belmont. Many believe that an official announcement will be made either Friday or Saturday.

Top names being given as Holgorsen (Oklahoma State) and Malzahn (Auburn). The former studied under Leach, and Okie Light had one of the most balanced, consistent offenses this year that didn’t have a mallard as a mascot.

And there’s been some speculation that Malzahn …

Florida Atlantic Predictions

Florida Atlantic is just not a very good team, and Texas will easily ro… Jeez, I couldn’t even get that out.

Look, the Longhorn team is fully capable of losing to any FBS Division team, and probably quite a few FCS teams. They’ve poorly coached, and what little talent we’ve been able to field has had a bad run of injuries.

We’re just a bad team. In retrospect, there haven’t been any gimmes on this schedule since we played Rice, …