I Like Texas’ Chances This Weekend

If you look at the numbers, pretty much any of the numbers, the Texas Longhorns don’t have any chance of beating the Oklahoma Sooners Saturday in the Red River Shootout (as it will always be known, as far as I’m concerned). And, going into the season, I would have agreed.

But, something strange happened on the way to winning our first four games: I began to believe in this team.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think the most likely …

Photoblog: Rice versus Texas

Looking back at the blog, I just realized that I hadn’t posted any pictures from the season-opening Rice-Texas game. So, here they are, very overdue.

We have new seats this year, lower deck, west side, next to the south end zone. I certainly don’t miss the long walk to the upper deck, but the view is very different.

On the upper deck, we could see everything well all through the game. With these seats, it’s either a very good view, …

Not so fast, Aggies!

Texas A&M’s road trip to the SEC had major brakes put on it this week. Baylor has refused to waive their right to sue the SEC over the recruitment of Texas A&M.

This is in contrast to their verbal agreement not to sue given two weeks ago. But at that point, it looked like the Big 12 Conference would survive A&M’s departure. With OU looking west, that won’t happen.

I can’t blame Baylor for taking this stance. They haven’t been …

A Disappointing End to the Longhorn Basketball Season (Yet Again)

Another incredibly talented Texas Longhorn basketball team is going home early, this time, after the Round of 32 game (I can’t call it Round Three yet) against Zona. The Longhorns slept their way through the first half, woke up in the second, but lost their minds with a few seconds left and the lead.

Yes, you can argue that there were a number of bad calls at the end, but a team as talented as Texas shouldn’t have even let …

Use it, Longhorns!

By now, everyone knows the Texas Longhorns got hosed by the selection committee.

A four seed? Really?

After beating UNC, Michigan State, Kansas at Lawrence, Baylor twice and A&M three times?

Granted, we also lost late in the season to Nebraska, Colorado and Kansas State.

But the complete lack of respect is stunning. I could understand a three seed, although I thought we had done enough for a two seed.

So, now we draw a fairly salty Oakland team