Fallacy: Governments cannot reduce costs

One argument made by conservatives and libertarians against universal health coverage is that governments are incapable of controlling costs. This is incorrect. Before we dive into that, however, let's work through a couple of definitions. When discussing health care, many people (especially pundits and politicians) refer to "cost" when they mean "spend". "Cost" refers to price at an individual level, whether for a person or a procedure. "Spend" is an aggregate amount of the costs of all the procedures for a population.

On my First Full Day as President…

Sometimes it's fun to imagine what it would be like to be President of the United States. Actually, being dictator would allow me the latitude I'd really want. I've always liked the title "Tsar". In any case, I'm neither arrogant enough to think I could be elected to any office above County Animal Control Officer, nor foolish enough to want to take my family and I through the process. But what if something silly happened and I were somehow elected President? Maybe some crazy Internet stunt that got out of hand. What would I do my first full day in the White House?

Report Card: Obama Appointments and Nominations

This week, president-elect Barack Obama made the last of his major nominations and appointments for his staff. Barring a Nannygate type of scandal, we know who be sitting at the table in Obama's White House. As a result, it's time to grade his choices.