Review: Go Fork Yourself Podcast

As some already know, I’m a major consumer of podcasts. I get most of my audio news that way. I listen to as many history podcasts as I can, and a few on entrepreneurship and music.

The are surprisingly few good podcasts on food, especially with the potential demise of the Alton Browncast (it hasn’t released a new episode in a number of months).

One of the best food related podcasts is Go Fork Yourself, by Andrew Zimmern of …

Review: Shibuya in the MGM Grand Las Vegas

There are certain restaurants I visit just about every time I come to Vegas: the oyster bar within Harrahs, BLT Burgers (for the milkshakes) and The Egg and I.

Sorry Carnevino, I’m over you.

My latest addition to this list is Shibuya inside the MGM Grand. It’s by far the best sushi I’ve had east of California.

On my most recent trip to Vegas, I was actually staying at the MGM Grand, so it made perfect sense to visit Shibuya …

Review: Cho Sushi Japanese Fusion

4 out of 5 stars

Some of the best Sushi in Austin

Reviewer: Brian Combs

Deep within the Steiner Ranch subdivision is a gem of a sushi bar called Cho Sushi Japanese Fusion. Over the last year or so, it has become one of our favorite places to go in Austin for sushi.

Like every sushi bar in Austin, they have a huge selection of unusual sushi rolls. But the straight forward, simple nigiri and sashimi are fantastic. Fresh

Review: Nagoya Steak & Sushi

4 out of 5 stars

Great Teppanyaki at a Fair Price

Reviewer: Brian Combs

Hidden at the intersection of RR620 and Anderson Mill Road is Nagoya Steak & Sushi is one of the best spots for teppanyaki (aka hibachi grill) in Austin. The Wife and I have been there at least ten times, and the show has yet to get old.

There are quite a few places around town that offer table-side teppanyaki. Many are more expensive than Nagoya,

Review: Sambets Cajun Deli, Austin, Texas

In a dilapidated shopping center at the Highway 183/Spicewood Springs Road intersection of northwest Austin lies a gem of Cajun restaurant called Sambets. Don't judge this book by its decor inside either. Judge it by its food. Which is nothing short of fantastic. Whether you want Austin's best muffuletta or a seafood po'boy, Sambets won't disappoint. Their etouffee' and gumbo are amazing as well.

Review: Iguana Grill, Austin, Texas

In the Hudson's Bend area of RR620 in Austin, Texas is a little known Mexican restaurant called the Iguana Grill. Imagine a place with the ambiance of the Oasis, but with much better food. If you're heading south on RR620 from Round Rock or Cedar Park, the Iguana Grill is a couple of blocks past Hudson's on the Bend on the right. Like the Oasis, it is on a cliff overlooking Lake Travis, but in the case of the Iguana Grill it is overlooking a long, narrow inlet.

Review: The Emerald Restaurant, Austin, Texas

The Emerald Restaurant Yesterday was my wife's birthday (her first since we got married), so I wanted to take her somewhere both special and different for dinner. I googled for [romantic restaurants austin] and found a number of sites listing what they thought were the most romantic restaurants in town. More than one of these sites listed The Emerald Restaurant. Wait a minute, I thought. Isn't that the Irish restaurant on 71 just west of 620? We pass that place whenever we drive to my sister-in-laws house and always wondered what it was like. It turns out that it's a rather high end restaurant. I placed a reservation for last night, and let it be a surprise for Shea. We drove up at our reservation time. The Emerald Restaurant is a replica thatched cottage that really sets an old world atmosphere. It's quaint, but nice.