Best Hugh Freeze Memes

It’s been a few days since Hugh Freeze’s sudden departure from Ole Miss. It’s time to look back at the best memes created around Hugh Freeze. Some of these are in response to his “resignation”, but others are from other parts of his tenure.

Quick disclosure, a few years ago I actually met Coach Freeze briefly, but that will have no impact on my choices here. All that matters is funny.

This one from a game against Texas A&M most …

Separated at Birth: Rod Gilmore/Joe Tessitore and the Sportscasters from Bedazzled

Something about the Thursday and Friday night football broadcast with Rod Gilmore and Joe Tessitore has always seemed familiar to me. It finally hit me.

Yes, the resemblance to the two sportscasters from Bedazzled is remarkable.

I would think this was intentional, but the movie was filmed in 2000 and Tessitore didn’t even start working at ESPN until 2002. As far as I can tell, they hadn’t worked together on screen before ESPN.…

Debbie Gibson and Tiffany on Good Morning America

Ok, I came of age in the 80’s. Neither Debbie Gibson or Tiffany were my favorite singers, but I’m sure they could be heard on occasion from the hi-fi stereo in my AMC Concord!

So, when The Wife asked me to watch them on Good Morning America with her, I agreed.

Debbie Gibson looks pretty much the same, albeit older. For her age, she looks great though. Don’t understand why she dresses like Britney Spears though.

She sounded horrible, though. …