Bailey on the Run

These were taken in June 2010 at my Father-in-Law’s ranch in Hutto, Texas. Bailey is chasing after Ben, a golden lab that she absolutely adores. Ben was barely running, but Bailey had to give it her all to catch up.

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Tech Notes: These were taken with my Nikon D200 and my Nikkor 300mm f/2.8 telephoto. The lens has amazingly fast autofocus, but the D200 couldn’t really drive it fast enough.…

A First Look at Bailey

On April 2, 2010, Bailey entered our lives. She is a Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle.

The pocket beagle was a breed of miniature beagle that died out about a century ago. Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle is an attempt to recreate the breed by combining beagles and duchshunds, and many generations of miniaturization.

Bailey was bred by a breeder in New Jersey, and flown in via air. These pictures were taken within a few days of her arrival.

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