Austin’s Internet Pioneers – Steve Jackson

Note: This is the first in a series of biographies of and interviews with the people who made things happen in Austin's early internet history. H/T to William Leake of Apogee Search for the idea behind this series. Prior to 1990, Steve Jackson was known as the the man behind Austin, Texas based Steve Jackson Games, publisher of the games Car Wars, Illuminati, and GURPS. Then, everything changed.

Thoughts on ULM versus Texas

I've been going to Texas Longhorns football games for quite a few years now, and I can't remember a season opener with such comfortable weather. The temperature was mild, and the little bit of rain we got felt nice and wasn't enough to actually wet anyone down. Prior to the game, the Wife and I watched the Longhorn players and coaches enter the stadium. Then it was up to the University of Texas Club for some pre-game food.

Longhorn Football Open Practice, August 12, 2009

Wednesday evening, the Texas Longhorns football team held an open practice at Frank Denius Fields (southeast corner of 26th Street and Red River) from 7pm to 9pm. Although it was raining prior to the practice and for the first thirty minutes of the practice), it looked like as many as two thousand people showed up. I stayed for the first hour and came home with the following pictures.

Photoblog: Inner Space Cavern

The Wife was off on Thursday, so the two of us drove to Georgetown, Texas to take one of the tours at Inner Space Cavern. This series of caves was discovered by the Texas Highways Department while they were surveying for Interstate 35. We took the Adventure Tour, as the Explorer Tour was sold out for the day. As usual, taking pictures was one of my main goals. Unfortunately, the tour guide kept us going at a fairly fast pace. As a result, I only got wide angle photos, not the close-ups I really wanted.