Interesting Quality Score Idea

From Michael Stebbins, CEO of Market Motive in the “Learning To Love Your Quality Score” session at PubCon:

For e-commerce advertisers, instead of deep linking your paid search ads, take visitors to the homepage and dynamically adjust the content of the page to match what they had searched for (within the homepage’s look and feel). You gain the trust imparted by the homepage, provide highly relevant content to the Google AdWords bots, and still provide a solid user experience to …

Pictures from SEOmoz’s Search Spam Party at PubCon

Wednesday night at PubCon, Rand Fishkin and the SEOmoz team hosted their second annual Search Spam Party at PubCon.

The theme of the party was a clever spin on the Werewolf game, with a custom deck of cards with the following substitutions.

  • Villagers are White Hat SEOs
  • Werewolves are Black Hat SEOs
  • The Seer is Matt Cutts
  • A Danny Sullivan character is added, that can protect one person per turn

So, the pictures you’ll see below of people with their …

Speaking at Interactive Strategies on Wednesday

Those in the Houston, Texas area on Wednesday will be able to find me at HiMA Interactive Strategies Conference ’08. I’ll be speaking on “Vertical Search – And How It’s Going to Rock Your World” at 11:10am in the Search Marketing track. Learn how to get your digital assets to the top of the search engines.

I look forward to seeing you there!…

Google Surpasses Earnings Estimates

Congrats, Google, on beating analyst expectations. This helps confirm the theory that paid search advertising should be countercyclical, and it’s certainly nice to hear some good financial news, for a change.

Profit was $4.92 per share, beating the street by $0.17. Net income rose 26% over the same quarter a year ago.

This reflects a continued move of advertising dollars from traditional print and media to search. It does not, however, mean that all areas of online advertising can …

Isn’t it supposed to be rainy in Seattle?

I’m in Seattle this week as I’m speaking to the Puget Sound Chapter of the American Marketing Association at lunch today. The topic is “Organic vs. Paid Search: Their strengths, weaknesses and why you should use both”. If you’re in the area, come on by!

Given that it is October, I was expecting really horrible weather. Instead, it’s mostly sunny with a current temperature of 48F. No complaints from me!…

iProspect acquires Range Online Media

Word came out yesterday that search agency iProspect had purchased Fort Worth agency Range Online Media. Virtually no details of the transaction have been announced, so it is difficult to perform much in the way of analysis.

Most likely, one of two scenarios will play out:

  1. iProspect will absorb Range’s customers and turn the Fort Worth office in a field sales office. Some service personnel will be transferred to other offices, while some will be let go.
  2. iProspect intends