We’ll Miss You, Online Market World

Over the weekend, it was revealed that Online Market World, a two-year old conference in San Francisco, has been discontinued.

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I’m sad to see it go, as my business partner had spoken at both conferences, and my firm, Apogee Search had exhibited at the most recent one last month. It had been a good conference for us. There may still be some chance that it is revived under new management, but that doesn’t appear …

Brian Massey at Innotech Oklahoma’s e-Marketing Summit

While I’ve had the pleasure of working with Brian Massey of Conversion Sciences on a couple of projects, today at Innotech Oklahoma‘s e-Marketing Summit was my first chance to see him speak. Brian spoke on “Identifying Your Key Conversion Strategies”.

Some of Brian’s points included:

  • Brochure sites will go away, if Massey has anything to say about it.
  • Tag clouds are worth considering as a navigational method if your audience is under 30 years old. They’re also great for

Speaking at Innotech Oklahoma City

For those in the Oklahoma City area this Thursday, I’ll be speaking at Innotech’s eMarketing Summit. My topic is titled “Video Optimization and Local Search: They’re here, they’re hot, and they work”.

While I’ll be speaking in depth about how to optimize for video and local search, I’ll also be speaking more broadly about vertical and blendedl search, and how one’s interactive marketing efforts should be adjusted for them.

Hope to see you there!…

Tara Hunt at HiMA’s Interactive Strategies

As I posted earlier this week, today I was speaking for Apogee Search at HiMA’s Interactive Strategies conference in Houston, Texas. The keynote was given by Tara ‘missrogue’ Hunt, the principal of Citizen Agency.

The title of her keynote was:

Makin’ Wuffie
5 keys for maxing social capital and winning with online communities

My notes from her presentation follow.

“Wuffie” comes from a Cory Doctorow book. It is fairly equivalent to influence, trust, etc. In his world, when you …

Speaking at Interactive Strategies on Wednesday

Those in the Houston, Texas area on Wednesday will be able to find me at HiMA Interactive Strategies Conference ’08. I’ll be speaking on “Vertical Search – And How It’s Going to Rock Your World” at 11:10am in the Search Marketing track. Learn how to get your digital assets to the top of the search engines.

I look forward to seeing you there!…

Near Term Outlook for Co-Reg Industry

A conversation with a colleague started me thinking about the immediate future of the co-registration marketing industry.

Co-reg is the practice of connecting leads or other sorts of sign-ups with another registration process. Robert Puddy of AdvertisingKnowHow.com describes the two ways that co-registration might occur:

Visitors signing up for a free subscription or other service are offered the chance to opt-in to other offers on the “thank-you page” that appears after the initial registration.

Visitors to a site are