The Mike Leach Chronicles

Texas v Texas Tech

Texas Tech head coach, Mike Leach, is not headed to Washington. Whether this was because he didn’t want the job or that U Dub made it clear they weren’t going to offer him is unknown.

Now we have conflicting reports about Auburn’s interest or lack thereof. I’m beginning to wonder how many of these rumors of interest are coming from the Leach camp itself.

Mike Leach wouldn’t puff about the interest in him just to negotiate a bigger contract with Texas Tech, would he?

Of course he would.

Texas Tech chancellor Kent Hance just announced that they had made a formal offer to retain Mike Leach. He said it was not as high as the $15 million/five year contract many thought it would be, but that it was a definite raise from his current $10 million/five year contract. Twelve to fourteen million is a reasonable bet.

With Charlie Weis being retained at Notre Dame for at least one more year, Clemson picking Dabo Swinney, and Tennessee going with Lane Kiffin, Leach’s options are starting to dwindle. Auburn may be the only opening left that is a clear upgrade from Texas Tech.

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