Colt McCoy makes 2nd Team in All Big 12 Offense

Ok, someone needs to explain this one to me…

Texas A&M Aggies v Texas Longhorns

Colt McCoy was chosen for the Second Team Offense by the Associated Press in the All Big 12 Team (Oklahoma’s Paul Bradford was quarterback on the First Team Offense). Meanwhile, the same organization chose him as Offensive Player of the Year.

I suppose in the case, Bradford’s head-to-head win over McCoy in the team picking didn’t matter when it came to voting the Offensive Player of the Year. Maybe the computers liked McCoy better.

Other Longhorns making the list include:

Brian Orakpo, DL, Defensive Player of the Year
Brian Orakpo, DL, Defensive Lineman of the Year
Adam Ulatoski, OL, First Team Offense
Roy Miller, DL, First Team Defense
Brian Orakpo, DL, First Team Defense
Sergio Kindle, LB, First Team Defense
Jordan Shipley, WR, Second Team Offense
Chris Hall, OL, Second Team Offense
Hunter Lawrence, PK, Second Team Offense
Jordan Shipley, KR/PR, Second Team Offense
Ryan Palmer, DB, Second Team Defense

I love these awards. Not including specialists, there are fourteen playing at any time on the offense and thirteen on the defense. That would be a hell of a team!

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