Longhorns on the Outside Looking In

As expected, the Oklahoma Sooners jumped my Texas Longhorns in today’s BCS rankings. As a result, Oklahoma is off to Kansas City next weekend to play the collapsing Missouri Tigers for the Big Twelve Championship. Win there, and the Sooners are most likely off to Miami to play in the national championship against the winner of the SEC Championship between Florida and Alabama.

In no way do I want to belittle Oklahoma. Ok, I want to belittle Oklahoma just about every chance I’m given, but not this time. I have to admit that they’re playing great ball and did just enough to get the nod over Texas, given the inane rules in place.

Texas A&M Aggies v Texas Longhorns

However, defenders of the perversion that is the BCS have always told us that the regular season was our playoff. What we have here is a case where the head-to-head winner in our “playoff” was left behind.

I’d like to believe that this would be the straw that breaks the BCS camel’s back. Unfortunately, it’s just another in a long line of travesties. Some adjustments will be made to attempt to prevent such problems in the future, and the farce will continue.

So what happens now?

In theory, if Missouri beats Oklahoma, Texas could still make it to the national championship game. That’s not going to happen, however. Oklahoma will pound Missouri. Meanwhile, Florida is going to expose Alabama for the overrated team it is.

Florida and Oklahoma will meet in Miami, where Bob Stoops will prove yet again that he doesn’t know how to coach in a BCS game. Florida wins by four touchdowns.

Barring a win by Missouri, Texas will be off to Glendale, Arizona for the Fiesta Bowl. I really can’t complain too much about that.

Until yesterday, it looked like USC would be headed to the Fiesta as well. But Oregon State laid an egg, giving the Pac 10 to the Trojans. Therefore, USC will be headed to the Rose Bowl to play Penn State.

At this point, it looks like either Ohio State or Utah will be headed to the Fiesta to play Texas. Utah would be one of those horrible match ups with very little upside. Beat Utah and everyone says all you did was the expected. And God forbid you should lose.

Fortunately, it looks like Ohio State is the more likely opponent. I like that match up for Texas.

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