Oklahoma vs. Okie State (and Other Games)

Texas Tech v Oklahoma

If it’s the final Saturday in November, then it must be time for the Bedlam Series, the annual game between cross-state rivals Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. The Sooners are playing for a shot at the Big 12 Championship game and the national championship game. The Cowboys are playing for pride.

Okie Lite hasn’t won in seven years, but the last time they did so, Oklahoma was third in the BCS and had their national championship hopes dashed by the loss. Oklahoma State would certainly love to play spoiler again.

Can it happen? It really depends upon which team shows up.

It the Oklahoma team that beat Texas Tech shows up, nobody in NCAA football, and perhaps the Detroit Lions, could beat them. That team was dominating in all facets of the game.

However, Oklahoma is due for a down game, and Big Game Bob is capable of curling into a fetal position in such games.

I expect either a blowout by the Sooners, or a close win by the Cowboys.

This is very similar to the situation I see in the Texas Tech-Baylor game.

Texas Tech v Oklahoma

The Red Raiders are coming off what might be described as a heart-breaking loss to the Sooners, except for the fact that they had a mudhole stomped into them.

Do they regroup, come out angry, and take out their frustrations on the hapless Baylor Bears? Or does a building Baylor team play the game of their lives and slip by with a win?

If Baylor was playing at home, I could see them slipping by Texas Tech. As the game is in Lubbock, I’m expect the Bears to suffer a beating. I’m not so convinced that Tech covers the three touchdown spread, however.

Top-ranked Alabama hosts the Auburn Tigers today. Auburn has actually won the last six times they’ve played, but expect that to end today. Auburn wins by a lot.

Which leaves us with Florida and Florida State.

Florida is a three score favorite, and by all rational analysis, should blow Florida State off the field. For some reason I can’t put my finger on, I think this one is going to be much closer than expected. The Seminoles may actually steal one.

I am looking forward to a great day of football.

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