Astrophotography: Venus-Jupiter Convergence

If you’ve been watching the skies for the last few weeks, you’ve seen an interesting show just after sunset. The two brightest stars in our sky, Venus and Jupiter, have been getting closer and closer.

The highlight will be December 1st when a waxing crescent moon joins the show.

I’ll be shooting both November 30th and December 1st, but I wanted to do a dry run tonight. Lots of digital noise given that the ISO was so high, but not bad considering I was shooting hand-held (but braced).

That’s Venus towards the center of the picture, Jupiter in the upper left hand, and my neighbors house and tree in the foreground.

To find this convergence, look just south of the setting sun. Don’t wait too long. It sets early.

Technical Notes: Nikon D200, ISO: 1 Step Over 1600, Nikkor 85mm F/1.4 D lens, 1/1.3 sec – F/1.4

I’ll be using the tripod when I shoot on the 30th and 1st.

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