Focus on the top of the ticket, Barack!

All Obama needs to do is focus on McCain and his message, and he’ll have a cakewalk into the Whitehouse. Instead, he’s needlessly spending time talking about Sarah Palin, and having his words turned back on him. (Note: By no means am I suggesting that Obama was suggesting that Palin is a pig, but he’s walking in a minefield every time he talks about her.)

It’s too early to say that what we’re seeing in the polling numbers is more then a post-convention bounce. Perhaps, in a week or so, the numbers might look solid, but for now, Obama should stay on message, talk about what he would do in the Whitehouse, and about what he thinks McCain would do in the WhiteHouse. That isn’t what is doing, however.

So, either he is making a huge mistake in spending so much time talking about the bottom of his opponent’s ticket, or his internal numbers are telling him something the rest of us can’t yet see. I haven’t a clue which it is, but this race is still his to lose.

And for Pete’s sake, Barack, get your Democratic Party friends to shut the hell up! There are certainly no shortage of legitimate concerns about Sarah Palin, there is no reason to make offensive, disgusting things up.

I will say this, the addition of Sarah Palin to the ticket has made for an interesting fall political season.

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