Top 8 Best Charlie Weis Quotes

Yesterday, the mighty Fighting Irish of Notre Dame lost to a 2-8 Syracuse team. They’re now 6-5 for the season, with an upcoming play date with USC.

The rumors are starting to swirl that this will be the end for Notre Dame head coach Charlie Wies. With his ten-year, forty million dollar contract, no one knows exactly what the buyout would cost, but it is assumed to be in the range of twenty million dollars. If anyone can afford that, however, it’s Notre Dame and their seven billion dollar endowment.

So, with Weis on the hot seat, let’s take a look back at some of the fun-filled lines he’s given us over the last few years. Rarely will you see such a potent mixture of arrogance and misunderstanding of the college game. We’ll miss you, Charlie.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish v Boston College Eagles

8. “I’m going to answer that very cautiously, because I don’t want to be called sarcastic using New Jersey rhetoric. So let me just say people better enjoy it now, have their fun now.”
– After last season.

7. “You are what you are folks, and right now you’re a 6-5 football team. And guess what? That’s just not good enough. It’s not good enough for you. And it’s certainly not going to be good enough for me. So, if you think they hired me here to go .500, you…you got the wrong guy.”

6. “They’re going to have to learn about us, OK? Let them try to stop a pro-style offense, which has multiple personnel groups and multiple formations. Let’s see how they are going to do. They’ve had their advantage because I’ve come into recruiting late. Well, now it’s X’s and O’s time. Let’s see who has the advantage now.”
– After closing a mediocre recruiting class his first year.

5. “Every game, you will have a decided schematic advantage.”
– To his players.

4. “No one will want a piece of us in 2009.”
– During the 2007 season.

3. “It’s been a while since we’ve been up in the second half. So I told my guys to act like they’ve been there before. Don’t make me look like an idiot.”
– After their first win in 2007.

2. “Michigan St will never beat Notre Dame again under my watch.”
– After loss to Michigan State in 2005. They lost again in 2007 and 2008.

1. “I’ve never lost to Pete Carroll and I’m not gonna start now.”

7 Comments on “Top 8 Best Charlie Weis Quotes

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  2. Jerod


    Love the site and Weis column. We cited you over at MSF in our recent article on Charlie Weis:

    Charlie Weis to Return

    I was looking for the quote about being a .500 football team. Thanks for compiling everything one nice and neat post.

  3. Brian Combs

    Thanks, Jerod.

    Notre Dame is in a tough position. It seems clear that Weis can’t get the job done, but the buy out is a hell of a lot of money. How Notre Dame could give a ten-year contract to anyone, much less an unproven head coach, is beyond me.

    At least no one can say that Notre Dame didn’t give Charlie Weis enough time to proven himself!

    And, the Notre Dame downturn has allowed my Longhorns to move into the number two spot in all-time NCAA football wins. 🙂

  4. Mike

    I seem to recall Weis in his first year say that they would never lose a game because of coaching. Do you recall that? Or maybe I’m just getting it mixed up with “Every game, you will have a decided schematic advantage.”

  5. Brian Combs

    I don’t remember that comment, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he said something like that.

    Given that he’s keeping his job, I’m sure we’ll get a number of new quotes next season!

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  7. Brian Combs

    With Charlie now gone from Notre Dame, I fear we’ll no longer receive his wisdom. So, what quotes have I missed since I created this posting in November 2008?

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