Texas Tech versus Oklahoma Poll Results

With about an hour left until kickoff, I thought I’d close down the poll and post the results:

Question One: Who are you rooting for this Saturday night (10/22/08) between the Texas Tech Red Raiders and the Oklahoma Sooners?

  • Red Raiders! Guns up! – 28%
  • Boomer Sooner! – 33%
  • Can they both lose? – 22%
  • Can I hope for a small meteor to hit the stadium shortly after kickoff? – 0%
  • Don’t really care. 17%
  • Isn’t Project Runway on? – 0%

Question Two: Who do you think actually will win?

  • Texas Tech – 59%
  • Oklahoma – 29%
  • Those hoping the BCS shoots itself in the foot again – 12%

So, people are essentially split on who they want to win, but expect Tech two win about 2:1.

Wrong. Tech collapses tonight. Oklahoma wins by two touchdowns.

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