The Cowboys’ Problems Go Beyond Jessica Simpson

With a 35-14 loss to division rival New York Giants, the Dallas Cowboys fall to 5-4, take the last spot in their division, and are virtually eliminated from the playoffs.

And none of this can be blamed on Tony Romo’s girlfriend Jessica Simpson.

Let’s be honest here. The Cowboys weren’t playing all the well before Tony Romo hurt his finger.

So, other than a negative influence from Jessica, what are the proximate causes of the Cowboys’ decline?

Certainly, injuries have played a factor, especially on the defensive side of the ball, although safety Roy Williams couldn’t cover a wide receiver even before he got hurt.

And we can only hope that Jerry Jones now realizes just how stupid it is to carry only one real quarterback on the roster.

But the real problem with the Dallas Cowboys is the lack of leadership. With thirteen Pro Bowlers back from last year’s 13-3 team, big things were expected. Most of the sports press had them pencilled in for a Superbowl trip before the first snap of the season.

Instead, what we got was a team full of prima donnas, with no one to lead them. As a result, at the first sign of trouble, the team descends into complaining, quarreling and back-stabbing.

Congrats, Cowboys. Only nine weeks into the season, the best role you can aspire to is that of spoiler.

I am beginning to think that offensive coordinator Jason Garrett may get the head coaching position he really wants next season.

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