Another Saturday; Another Tough Game for the Texas Longhorns

November 13, 2004 – DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium – Austin, Texas – Oklahoma State is beating Texas by 35-7 with less than two minutes left in the first half. Fair-weather fans are already leaving. Texas puts together a nice drive to go into the half down by three touchdowns. Coach Mack Brown promises the team they’re going to win 42-35.

He lied.

Texas scores six touchdowns in the second half to win 56-35.

Fortunately, most of the crowd (myself included) had stuck around and were able to witness the greatest come back in Texas history. It was a coming out party of sorts for Vince Young, and generated the momentum that culminated with a Rose Bowl win over Michigan that season, and an undefeated national championship the following.

It was also the loudest I had ever heard it at DKR.

With the addition of 14 thousand new seats this season, and highly respected Missouri coming to town last week, the volume was certainly close to that.

The volume at DKR today should easily surpass that day four years ago.

Make no mistake, Oklahoma State is a good team. They’re undefeated. They have a more balanced offense than any we’ve seen this year. Their top receiver, Dez Bryant, is the real deal. They’re going to be chippy due to the string of second half comebacks we’ve had against them the last few years. And they desperately want to convince the world that they deserve their top ten ranking by beating the top ranked Longhorns.

But they’re not Texas.

That said, while at times this season Texas has played well enough to beat any team in the country (see the first half of last week’s Missouri game for evidence), they have yet to play at top form for a full sixty minutes. And they’re certainly due for a down game.

Don’t expect that to happen today, however. has the Over/Under at 72. Take the Over, but also take Texas to win.

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