Smart and Strong and…

Let’s assume the reports about Shaka Smart becoming the new head basketball coach for Texas are correct. That leaves us with Smart and Strong as two of the top three coaches here.

And, let’s imagine that the baseball team continues it’s slide. C’mom, losing to Texas A&M-Corpus Christi? Really?

That might mean we’re looking for a new baseball coach as well.

Given the beautiful synergy of Smart and Strong, who should the new baseball coach be?

Based purely on last name, here are the top seven candidates:

7) John Stuper, Yale
6) Bob Whalen, Dartmouth
5) Greg Lovelady, Wright State
4) Carlton Hardy, Savannah State
3) Greg Moore, Cal State Northridge
2) Jake Boss, Michigan State
1) John Savage, UCLA

Smart, Strong and Savage has a nice ring to it!

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