Coffee at Espresso Vivace

While in Seattle last week, I was fortunate enough to visit Espresso Vivace for a shot (or two) of their fine coffee. Espresso Vivace was founded by David C. Schomer, who authored Espresso Coffee: Professional Techniques, one of the most in depth books on the art of the espresso pull. (Note: I read this book, but only understood about half of it; the other half almost gave me a PTSD flashback to college chemistry.) I’ve wanted to visit Espresso Vivace ever since reading Schomer’s book.

I was meeting with Kathy from the Seattle Times, and Espresso Vivace is just a few blocks from the Times’ downtown office building. I didn’t even realize I was going to one of the top espresso bars in the country until I got there.

Espresso Vivace is all business. That was evident as soon as I walked in. I took a chance and ordered one of my favorites, the doppio ristretto. It’s a bare naked coffee drink; one that I wouldn’t dare order from anything other than a top barista (the only place I’ll order this in Austin is Teo’s, and then only when Matt himself is actually pulling the shots).

The doppio ristretto was nothing short of amazing. A true “God shot”. There was a natural sweetness to it that would have had me thinking the barista had snuck some sugar in there, if I hadn’t been watching her the whole time (trying to learn).

When you’re in Seattle, you should definitely pay Espresso Vivace a visit. I know I will the next time I’m back in their beautiful city.

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