Photoblog: London

Today we’re jumping backwards in our trip. Our first stop on our United Kingdom tour was actually London. We spent two days there before heading up the east coast in a train.

It’s amazing how much you can see in two days with an unlimited London Underground pass.

We went to Kensington Palace, but it was mostly closed due to renovations being made for the impending move-in of Prince William and his bride. There was some kiddie tour (find the seven princesses or something), but we skipped that.

Next, we headed over to Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guard. We were running a bit late, so knew we wouldn’t have the best view of the proceedings.

Little did we know how crowded it would be. There must have been five to ten thousand people there. Apparently, interest has shot up since the royal wedding.

The only pictures I could get were by holding the camera up and shooting randomly, and as we walked by the gates (where people weren’t allowed to stand still).

For me, the highlight of the London portion of the trip was the Tower of London. I do believe we walked ever foot of the place, including a couple of very claustrophobic staircases.

We checked out the London Bridge and the London Eye from a distance, then walked around Big Ben, Parliment, and Westminster Abbey.

And we only really got rained on once (as we came out of the Tower of London)!

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Tech Notes: All images shot on my Nikon D200 with either a Sigma 24-70 or a Sigma 15-30 lens. Images were processed in Photoshop Elements.

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