Jerry Jones could learn something from Mark Cuban

Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, and Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, have a lot in common. They both have egos as big as the city of Dallas.

But Mark has several qualities we’ll never see from Jerry. He has a humbleness that allowed him to put his team first. He did not speak publicly from when the Mavs won the Western Conference Championship to when they won the World Championship. And he said next to nothing during the entire playoff run.

That is certainly against his nature, and had to be difficult for him.

And, after his team won, when everyone was up on the stage at center court, David Stern called him forward to receive the golden trophy he’s worked so hard to earn. Instead of accepting the glory that few people would begrudge him, he asked Stern to give the trophy to Donald Carter, the 78-year-old original owner of the Dallas Mavericks franchise.

That shows a humbleness, a willingness to put others first, that I can’t imagine Jerry Jones ever portraying. And that’s part of the reason the Cowboys languish in mediocracy and underachievement.

Both basketball and football are team sports, but only one of these owners truly understands that.

Of course, the Mark Cuban we all know did come back. He tweeted last night that he slept with the trophy.

I only hope he took it out for a nice breakfast this morning.

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