Review: Cho Sushi Japanese Fusion

4 out of 5 stars

Some of the best Sushi in Austin

Reviewer: Brian Combs

Deep within the Steiner Ranch subdivision is a gem of a sushi bar called Cho Sushi Japanese Fusion. Over the last year or so, it has become one of our favorite places to go in Austin for sushi.

Like every sushi bar in Austin, they have a huge selection of unusual sushi rolls. But the straight forward, simple nigiri and sashimi are fantastic. Fresh and wonderfully prepared.

A few months ago, they had a live sea scallop sashimi appetizer. It was wonderful. They’re specials board is always worth a look.

They also have some amazing non-traditional fusion dishes. They make a sashimi ceviche, that comes served in a martini glass. It was amazing.

One of the ways we judge a Japanese place is by its edamame. The standard edamame at Cho is quite good, but they’ll also push a garlic edamame on you. We didn’t love this. It was rather oily, and though we love garlic, we didn’t care for this.

We were also underwhelmed by their gyoza dumplings. They were a bit bland. Maybe it was an off night.

I often get the Dream Sashimi entree. It’s expensive, but it’s enough sashimi to satisfy anyone!

Surprisingly for a Japanese place, Cho has very good deserts. They one time had this salted peanut ice cream that was to die for. If they make that again, I might never leave the place!

Cho Sushi Japanese Fusion

4300 North Quinlan Park Road

Austin, Texas 78732-6072
United States

(512) 266-8700

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