Use it, Longhorns!

By now, everyone knows the Texas Longhorns got hosed by the selection committee.

A four seed? Really?

After beating UNC, Michigan State, Kansas at Lawrence, Baylor twice and A&M three times?

Granted, we also lost late in the season to Nebraska, Colorado and Kansas State.

But the complete lack of respect is stunning. I could understand a three seed, although I thought we had done enough for a two seed.

So, now we draw a fairly salty Oakland team. Many people are picking Oakland as a first round upset.

I don’t see that as likely, but things get much tougher after that.

If we’re to make a run at the championship, our most likely path is Oakland, Arizona, Duke, UConn, UNC, Kansas/Pitt.

Damn. That’s tough. Real tough.

So, Texas, you need to use that disrespect and get pissed off. Take that anger and energy, and pound your opponents.

A championship with this draw would be truly epic.

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