Jerry Gray tells the Titans “Nope!”

The Longhorn blogs and forms were ablaze this week with word that newly hired defensive backs coach Jerry Gray was offered the defensive coordinator job at the Tennessee Titans. It would have meant a major promotion and a significant raise (more than twice what he’s making at Texas).

All indication are now that Coach Gray is staying. (I first heard that he was staying on the members board at Inside Texas.)

That’s a lot of money to turn down. I think Coach Gray may want to be the first African American head football coach for the University of Texas.

And with Mack probably retiring in two or three years, Coach Gray will certainly be one of the people looked at.

Update 2/12/11: There is word that Coach Gray was still looking at the Titans job as of yesterday. None of the sources I’ve been listening to say he’s gone, but it certainly doesn’t seem as sure that he’s staying. What a ride!

Updated 2/13/11: Well, Coach Gray is gone to Tennessee. Damn.

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