Predictions for the Rest of UT’s Season

After the horrible, embarrassing loss yesterday to the UCLA Bruins 34-12, what can we expect for the rest of the Longhorn season?

Oklahoma in Dallas
The team that showed up this weekend gets blown out by Oklahoma, but it’s a rivalry game, so who knows? I don’t really expect it to be close, however. Loss.

At Nebraska
This one could be bad. We’re down, they’re up, it’s at their house, and they’re very angry. Big loss.

Iowa State
We should win this one.

If Baylor is going to steal one from us, this is the year.

At Kansas State
They own us. I don’t see us having much chance here.

Oklahoma State
It looks like Okie Lite has a good offense and a not-so-good defense. That could be a good matchup for us, but the game is probably a toss up.

Florida Atlantic
Should win this one.

Texas A&M
The Aggies have looked just as mortal as the Longhorns this season, although they haven’t played anyone real yet. Even in the best of years, this is a bit of a toss up, although I like our odds at home.

Barring significant improvement, we could be looking at three more losses this season. If the team quits (and I saw nothing last night that suggests they won’t), it could be much worse.

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