SFC Farmers Market at Sunset Valley

Austin loves a farmers market. There must be a dozen or more around the greater Austin area alone. These markets focus on locally grown, and often sustainable, food and other products.

The Wife and I have been to several of the Austin-area markets and this morning we decided to make the trek down to south Austin for the SFC Farmers Market at Sunset Valley. SFC also runs the markets downtown (on 4th) and in the Triangle, and is supposed to be one of the largest in town.

Perhaps it was an off day, but we were underwhelmed. It was much smaller than we expect, with maybe twenty-five tents. I think that’s smaller than the one in Cedar Park even. The 4th Street market is much larger.

The vegetables looked ok, but there weren’t any that just screamed out to us to be purchased. That may be somewhat due to the time of year, however.

We purchased a bison tenderloin and some bison rib-eyes (no yak to be found). We’re going to grill the rib-eye tonight.

There were some vendors selling beef and chicken, but we’ve never bought any there. Frankly, it’s very expensive, and doesn’t look any better than what you can get at HEB. I’m willing to pay a premium for local produce, but their prices are a bit high. The bison, at least, is unique and not something you can easily find elsewhere.

SFC Farmers Market at Sunset Valley
3200 Jones Road
Austin, Texas 78745
Tel: (512) 236-0074

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Tech Notes: All pictures taken with my Nikon Coolpix P80.

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