Dallas Cowboys in Real Trouble

Let me start this post by saying that given the status of my fantasy team, I have no real right to make projections on NFL teams. But I am going to do so anyways.

With the loss of Tony Romo for a month and Felix Jones for a week or two, the Cowboys have a problem. When you take an offense that was good, but not great, and remove two of its star performers, you’ve got a recipe for mediocrity.

And, when you have a defense that was mediocre to begin with, and your offense starts putting you in worse and worse positions, well, you do the math.

It’s going to be a tough few weeks for Dallas. Granted, they have a bye week in there, but their next four opponents are Saint Louis, Tampa Bay, NY Giants and Washington. If they escape this stretch with only two more losses, they’ll have done rather well.

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