Longhorns Getting It Done

Midway through the Longhorns’ tough six game stretch, Texas has beaten Arkansas, Colorado, and top ranked Oklahoma, to go 6-0 for the season.

The convincing 45-35 win over the Sooners vaulted Texas to its first mid-season #1 ranking since 1984. Given the target that #1’s have had on their back the last couple of seasons, it may not be a comfortable place to be. Fortunately, Texas has a 12-1 record the week after being ranked #1, if you believe in such stats.

Given the youth and inexperience of this team, they’ve already exceeded my expectations. Wins over Oklahoma and Texas A&M would be a satisfying season for me, even if we have the one or two off weeks one expects from such a young team.

I have a feeling that this team is destined for something special, however. They’re coming together, with the defense in particular showing huge gains on a week by week basis.

There are currently four other undefeated teams have a legitimate shot at playing for the championship: Alabama, Penn State, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State. Texas plays the last two, so with victories by Texas, they drop away. It’s unlikely that both Alabama and Penn State make it through the season without a loss, but even if they both do, Penn State will be left out because of a weak schedule and lackluster play at times.

Brigham Young, Utah, and Boise State are also undefeated, but one of them could only make it to the championship if none of the previously mentioned teams makes it through unscathed.

Any way you look at it, Texas controls it’s own destiny. Win out, and we will play for the championship. Lose one, and it becomes a toss-up. Lose two, and we drop like a stone.

Texas still has a tough road, with the next four opponents (not named Baylor) ranked 11, 8, 7, and 16. That’s an insane schedule.

Next up, is Missouri, who should be angry coming off their loss to Oklahoma State. As it’s a night game at DKR, I certainly like our chances. Missouri will get their yards and likely their points as well, but Texas should come out on top. By the way, look back here for pictures from this game sometime on Sunday.

After Missouri, we play Oklahoma State. I hadn’t seem Okie Lite play prior to their game against Missouri. They can certainly move the ball well, but given the way Texas has owned them for years now, I don’t see a loss coming this year.

Then comes Texas Tech. In Lubbock. With batteries thrown from the stands. And eight year old girls flipping off those in burnt orange. This looks like Texas’ toughest game left.

After Tech, we get a bye week against Baylor.

Then it’s off to Lawrence, Kansas for Mangino’s Jayhawks. According to the numbers, it should be a challenge, but a solid win for the Longhorns. It has the makings of a trap game, however.

So, we probably lose one of the four, but could easily win them all.

I just pray to the man upstairs that we beat Texas A&M this year. I couldn’t stand losing to them yet again, especially when they’re as bad as they are this year.

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