American Idol Finals Performances

Last night was the finals of American Idol 9, with Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze each performing three songs. The first was the contestant’s choice of a song of theirs from earlier in the season. The second was chosen by American Idol producer Simon Fuller. The third was the song the winner would release.

As a welcome change, the song to be released was not some schmatzy crap written just for the show, as it has been in years past, but something actually chosen for the contestant.

After last week’s results show, they flipped a coin. Crystal won and decided to go second.

Lee DeWyze
The Boxer

Not the song I would have chosen, but he did much better than the first time he performed the song. The Wife thought he should have chosen “Hallalujah”.

It was good, but didn’t make a real impression.

Crystal Bowersox
Me and Bobby McGee

Great choice! This was one of her best. And last night was just as good as the first performance.

Round One to Crystal! “Easily,” said the Wife.

Lee DeWyze
Everybody Hurts

He’s got a perfect voice for this song, but another slow song makes me question the first even more. It was good, but not something that blew you away.

Crystal Bowersox
Black Velvet

I thought this song would fit her better than it did. It was a solid performance, but didn’t quite work for me.

“I hate the song,” said the Wife. “But I liked Crystal’s performance better than I thought I would.”

Round Two to Crystal as well, but this was quite a bit closer.

Lee DeWyze
Beautiful Day

Much better song than he would have been stuck with in years past, and the performance was the best of the night for Lee.

“Not as good as the original,” said the Wife.

But is that fair, I replied. We’re talking about U2.

“But they’re planning to release it as a single. Comparisons to U2 are inevitable.”

Fair enough.

Crystal Bowersox
Up to the Mountain

I’m not sure I know the song, but I liked it.

“She’s kicking his ass!” said the Wife. “I got chills listening to that.”

And Crystal closes out the competition with one of her best performances of the season.

Ok, so who is going to win?

Crystal has been more consistent all season long, but it’s about who generates the votes, not who is the best performer. Remember last season? Adam Lambert was clearly the better performer.

My only real knock on Crystal is that she’s not all that commercial. I don’t see that as a bad thing, but Lee’s wider commercial appeal might give him more votes.

Still, Crystal was so much better than Lee last night, I think she walks away with the win.

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