American Idol Top Four Performances

This week’s theme was Songs from the Movies, with Jamie Foxx mentoring. In addition to their solo performances, each contestant performed a duet with another contestant.

Lee Dewyze
Kiss From A Rose by Seal (from Batman Forever)

Rough night for Lee. Pitchy notes all over, and a big step backwards. The Wife agreed that it wasn’t his week, but at least he hasn’t had a bad week in a while.

Michael Lynche
Will You Be There by Michael Jackson (from Free Willy)

Very gospelly (gospelesque?) version. I liked it a lot. Not particularly current, but Michael sounded good and it was a solid performance.

Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze
Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová (from Once)

If memory serves, AI has done the duet thing a couple of times, and I’ve never been impressed. It’s just hard to mesh two performers together like this and get anything good.

But wow… These two sound great together. The Wife said she knew they would.

Great performance!

Casey James
Mrs. Robinson by Simon and Garfunkel (from The Graduate)

It was ok, but a bit boring. Casey never really connected with the song or those watching his performance.

“It was sure better than last week,” said the Wife, “but nothing special.”

Crystal Bowersox
I’m Alright by Kenny Loggins (from Caddyshack)

Great movie and great song! And Crystal definitely came to perform. She gave the song her own spin, but kept its cool vide.

“Crystal’s back,” said the Wife. “That was fantastic!”

I loved the arrangement and unusual beat in the song.

Michael Lynche and Casey James
Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman by Bryan Adams (from Don Juan Demarco)

This an example of a duet that shouldn’t work, but they really sounded good together. They started out alternating solos on the verses (Casey, then Michael). Both were good, but together was surprisingly nice. I wasn’t expecting that.

The Wife liked it better than Lee and Crystal.

The two best performances of the night were the duets. I preferred Lee and Crystal, but you could almost flip a coin to pick.

Crystal’s solo was next best. Not her greatest performance, but really good.

Then came Michael and Casey, in that order. Both were decent to ok, but nothing to rave about.

And Lee’s solo was the worst of the night, by quite a bit.

Predicting who goes home at this point it really tough. I would have to think that Crystal is safe. Lee should be safe as well, based upon previous weeks’ performances.

Either of the other two could go home, but Casey would be my guess, mostly based upon overall body of work.

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